Nature Reserve map

You can download a PDF of the Reserve map above, or for a quick snapshot, simply click on the image below to enlarge it. Map accurate as of April 2023; some paths may change as we continue to improve access around the Reserve.

Limited parking is available at the bottom of Severn Drive (TF1 3JB) and there is a car park at Admaston House (TF5 0BN).

Latest comments

29.10 | 09:14

Wellington UDC Sewage Works were just beyond the end of the blocks going north.

04.10 | 18:40

I think a water pipe or sewage pipe was supported on those blocks many years ago, they look pre war.

28.04 | 15:50

A big thank you to all you wonderful volunteers, what an amazing paradise you have developed.

03.04 | 14:38

What are the large concrete blocks that are along one of the paths in nature reserve walk please

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