It's Tree-Time!

National Tree Week gave us an excuse to do lots of planting on our lovely Reserve. On Saturday 30th November we planted 150 hedgerow trees, including hawthorn, dog rose, hazel, downy birch and dogwood.

Some of these were alongside the hard surfaced path running between 'Shawbirch Bridge' and the Spa Meadow. We recently did a lot of work here to clear the undergrowth and dig out the old iron railings, so the area will really benefit from a new hedgerow.

Then on Monday 2nd December, 50 Junior Friends of the Reserve from Dothill Primary School did their bit by planting 50 holly tree whips (very young single stems with no side-branches) by Charlton Pool. The children, from Year 5, thoroughly enjoyed this activity, each of them naming their holly plant, and they have promised to look after them when the weather is dry.

Well done to all who took part in these activities, and our thanks to Small Woods of Coalbrookdale.