Ricoh teams do their bit for 'Love your River'
In June (2019), volunteers from Ricoh joined forces with the Friends to help clean up the two brooks on the Reserve.
This was a kind of two-pronged attack! The Ricoh employees are working towards achieving the Ricoh Group's Sustainable Global Development Goals, and this year the timing of this tied in nicely with Shropshire Wildlife Trust's Love Your Magnificent Severn campaign. 
Beanhill Brook and The Drain join each other and flow into The River Tern, which is itself a tributary of the Severn. The teams buckled down (in spite of heavy rain on their first day) clearing the streams and their banks of plastic and other rubbish. We are pleased to report that there was very little plastic. On the second day everyone did a really good job of picking the invasive Himalayan Balsam. Our thanks to Ricoh, and to Stuart Mapp in particular for organising everything.