Toads at Dothill - Article in The Telegraph
The Friends group and their partners have been praised for their work with local schools and held up as a role model, to be copied throughout the UK in the national press. This was in a full page article on the decline in common toad populations nationwide, in today's (Tuesday 28th May 2019) 'Telegraph' newspaper.
The Reserve is a stronghold of the common toad, whose populations have collapsed in other parts of Telford and the UK. As a result, the Reserve is part of a PhD project involving ARC (the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation trust) and Wolverhampton University, to look into this. The group has part funded this project.

The article features children from Dothill Primary School and the Charlton School, helping to take toad DNA samples as part of this research. Both have Junior/Teenage Friends groups affiliated to the Reserve and Little Apley and they are the first Junior/Teenage Friends groups in Telford.

See p.21 of the paper format, or click the link: