Dothill Park, probably c.1900

Well, who would have thought there was a connection between the children's playground at the end of Severn Drive and the Aldi supermarket site in Groom's Alley? Richard Groom (no, it's not a coincidence) was about the same age as Queen Victoria. While she was preparing to become monarch in 1837, Richard was working as a basket maker in New Street, Wellington. During 1849 the railway line between Birmingham and Shrewsbury was laid. This became an important factor in the growth of Wellington at that time. Richard Groom became a timber merchant and acquired land next to the railway line - the current location for Aldi. In time, his company became one of the largest importers of timber in Britain. Consequently, he was eventually able to buy Dothill Park, which stood on the land previously occupied by the Medieval Dothill Manor and which is now where you will find the children's playground!

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