Water quality testing

We monthly monitor the water on the Reserve as part of the award-winning 'Love Your River, Telford' scheme which formed the basis of a BBC Countryfile programme. The scheme continues using the same techniques, supported by the Environment Agency and Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

Please note the results are field test results. If problems are found, these are reported to the EA and local council, who will then conduct more detailed tests to rectify the problem.

If you wish to use these results, please contact Mike Hughes through fdlnr.admn@gmail.com for further information and acknowledgement advice.

Please do not use without permission.

The results for previous years are on separate pages.

Each month we check the pH and ammonia levels of each of the main bodies of water on the Reserve, as well as testing the temperature and turbidity levels.

  • Monitoring levels of ammonia in Tee Lake

  • Taking Dothill Pool's temperature

  • Inspecting Dothill Pool sample for turbidity

  • Checking pH reading in The Drain

Water Quality Test 21.09.21

Water Quality Test 24.08.21

Water Quality Test 29.07.21

Water Quality Test 29.06.21

Water Quality Test 19.05.21

Water Quality Test 14.04.21

Water Quality Test 15.03.21

Water Quality Test 12.02.21

Water Quality Test 06.01.21