23. Jan, 2017

Clearing reedmace.

Tuesday 17th January

The long pool north of the football pitch opposite the old Charlton School has become choked by reedmace. In line with Telford and Wrekin’s conservation plan the Friends are required to remove 50% of it over a period of 2 years to maintain a diverse habitat. Left to itself the pool would ultimately become a wood. There are two basic methods of reedmace removal – one is mechanical i.e. to use a JCB or similar, and the other is to use many hands in an unpleasant and hazardous environment. Using a JCB in this situation could cause damage to the environment and the Friends don’t have access to a great many hands so they have devised a method using a 1000kg caravan winch, a fabricated grab hand and a canoe to make light work of this task. Enjoy the video.https://www.facebook.com/friendsofdlnr/