6. Dec, 2016


Sequoiadendron giganteum. ( Wellingtonia ).

Everything about this month's tree is on a massive scale. If you exclude fungi, it is the largest living organism on the planet. It is almost the tallest tree (the Californian Redwood being this, 366 feet tall). It has a girth of 80 feet, (the ground floor size of most of our homes!) and lives for over 3000 years!!

We have a circle of these trees, just south of the Silkin Way. They are about 20 feet high and were probably seedlings ...in the year 2000AD and thus planted to celebrate the new century. As these trees grow, they will become a major, if not the major feature, of the nature reserve and indeed Wellington. This is especially significant given their common name of Wellingtonia. Provided the park is protected from development, they could still be here in the year 5000AD!!! Not a bad legacy from us, to pass on to future generations.

Mike Hughes.

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